JESUS never ran for a political office

As churches fire up for the coming presidential election, it might be a good time to consider Jesus and the political world of His time.

There are two contraditory theories. One is that better institutes, schools, governments, etc., produce better people.
The other is that better people produce better institutions.

Jesus subscribed to the latter. He never tried to change His Roman government, which was far more wicked than any America has ever seen. He never even mentioned it! They made slaves of half their population and Jesus never mentioned it. They killed gladiators for amusement–murdered them, while the crowds cheered and Jesus never mentioned it. What He did do was focus on changijng the hearts of individuals. He believed better individuals would eventually produce better government.

The church must quit hoping for political power to change America. She needs to, like Jesus, go out and convert sinners. This is the only way we will ever have a Christian nation again. It is far better to win one sinner to Christ than to register 1,000 to vote for some candidate

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