Can YOU handle the Truth, Preacher can you Preach it?
Johnny The Baptist

Dear Pastor,

Preach to me no more sermons on God’s love, unless it is accompanied by a message of His holiness. Preach to me no more sermons of His amazing grace without mentioning from what His grace saves me. Preach to me no more sermons of my Lord’s mercy except it be contrasted with what He would otherwise be just and righteous to do.

I cannot understand this God of love without hearing of His many other characteristics. My God is woefully complex, but He has been reduced to a god of mere sentiment and romance, which god has no power to save. Explain to me the wrathful God of the Old Testament. Acquaint me with His jealousy; why is His Name Jealous? When God says He “hates,” tell me what is it He despises? Show me His anger in full that I might know the object of this anger and avoid it in my own life. Don’t down play and trivialize His anger, I know He doesn’t change.

Show me the horrors of hell that I might truly prize my salvation and seek to share Him with others. Teach me to be hopeful of Judgment Day but to share with those whom are lost they should greatly fear it. Declare God’s holy commandments that I might have a portrait of His purity and holiness and conversely, that I might know what sin is. Proclaim to me my sin – that I lie, that I cheat, that I hate and covet. Tell me of my helplessness to keep said commandments that you might impress upon me my dire need of a Savior.

Once I have a grasp of the abomination of sin, then and only then, show me my Savior! When I fully comprehend the depth and breadth of my personal sin, my original sin, my self-righteousness and my unbelief, then the Gospel will really be Good News! When I realize my nakedness before God, my utter bankruptcy with respect to sin, I might esteem my deliverance utterly. Pastor, teach me the meaning of repentance, that I might truly be forgiven. Show me true humility that I might know its semblance.

Declare to me the offense of the cross and expound upon its meaning. Tell me, Pastor, why does it offend? Don’t merely tell me this is God’s love; help me to see His perfect justice in this Event. Describe for me also the representation of His holiness and righteousness at Calvary. Explain to me that this is what I have escaped through a life laid down for Christ; that this is the hell I deserved and instead Jesus took the punishment. Tell me that on that day, He became sin for sinners.

Then permit me to see by example how to live for this beautiful Savior. Help me to see in you the life of the redeemed. Show me your love for the lost; teach me likewise how to pour out my heart for them.

Then finally, tell me of God’s wonderful love for me. Then I think I will really understand “how great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” Then I know I will understand. Then I will be truly in His loving grip.
Johnny The Baptist

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This is the Kind of Salvation that CHRIST gives

The Same Skin, But a Different Man”
“In the afternoon of that day,” wrote one of his sons, “father had been full of…the passion for horse-racing; in the evening he was a changed man.” Edward Studd went to see D. L. Moody. “Now I am a Christian,” he asked, “do I have to give up racing and shooting and hunting and theaters and balls?” “Mr. Studd,” said Moody, “I will be straight with you. Racing means betting, and betting means gambling, and I don’t see how a gambler is going to be a Christian. Do the other things as long as you want.” Mr. Studd pressed him again about the theater and cards. Moody replied, “Mr. Studd, you have children and people you love; you are now a saved man yourself, and you want to get them saved….As soon as you have won a soul, you won’t care about any of the other things.” Moody knew what he was talking about. To the amazement of all but those who know the Lord’s ways, Edward Studd ceased to care for the things of his past life. He withdrew from horse racing, and he sold and gave away his horses. He furnished a large area on his estate for the purpose of having gospel meetings. He regularly invited capable men to preach Christ, and then he himself would ride around the countryside, urging people to come and listen to them. The people came by the hundreds.

One guest, talking to Mr. Studd’s driver, remarked on the change in Mr. Studd, noting that he had become religious. “Well, sir,” replied the driver, “we don’t know much about that, but all I can say is that though there’s the same skin, there’s a new man inside!” Edward Studd was “in Christ” and had become “a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17).

The Death of C.T.’s Father
Edward Studd lived only two years after his salvation. On his way to one of Moody’s meetings, he realized he had neglected to bring one of his servants to the meeting. He got out, ran back home, and in so doing, burst a blood vessel in his leg. The senior Studd never recovered from this. At his funeral he was remembered as a man that “did more in two years than most Christians do in twenty.”

Bro Johnny says I wish the Hyles crowd believed that when a person gets saved they are completely Changed Amen
I bet Curtis Hutson and Hyles believe in true repentance now.

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A Great Arizona Revival

Dec the 3th Bro Randy Wilson and I flew out to Ariz for a meeting.
It turned out more than we asked or thought,that’s just like JESUS Amen.

We had twenty five saved and many got right with the LORD.
We had the Privledge to meet Sherriff Joe Aprio the toughest sherriff in the World a real American.
Please pray for the Sherriff for his safety.
We visted places in Ariz in the day and Preached at nite.
We are so blessed to meet this fine Pastor and others.
We left Phoenix at 78 degrees and got home to 9 degrees and three inches of snow.
If we can ever be of service to you please go to Johnny The Baptist web site and drop me a line.
Bless you until our next blog.
Your Friend
Johnny The Baptist B.A.d.F
Born Again devil Fighter

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Dear Friends beginning Lord Will December 15,2010 we will start our blog .
The Blog will have news about my travels and devotions and sermons.
Thank you for visiting me.
Bro Johnny

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